Bloomfield Linen Jacket

Bloomfield Linen Jacket

  • $399.00

A below-the-hip jacket woven with two premium-grade yarns and coloured in a powdered palette.

Ballerina pink is the dominant shade, but there’s an interplay between pale pink and rose that helps to define the herringbone stitch markings. Upturn the collar and you’ll find it’s in contrasting cream melton felt.

We source our yarns in Scotland. It is then stitched in Portugal at a specialist weave workshop.

This has a classic fit – the waist sculpts in to highlight your contours with two clear darts below the bust and down through the waist to give it structure. It falls below the hip, the sleeves are full length and there’s a slit on the reverse. Wear it buttoned up to give it further shape still.